Friday, 24 January 2014

Tips for Visiting the Great Wall of China around Beijing

 Great Wall
The Great Wall of China is one of the oldest structures that reside on the earth. This stunning wall is located in Beijing which is the capital of China and it is also one of the most popular cities in the whole world. 

Best time to visit the Great Wall of China
The best months to go for the Great Wall of China Tour fall in the spring season as well as the early autumn season. The months from March to June and then from September till early November are the idle months for visiting this amazing place. The trip to this place could be quite challenging specially because of the scratching heat in the summers, so it is advised to carry sunglasses. Sun block, water bottle, sun screen as well as hat in summers.

Whereas on the other hand, the winters in Beijing are very frozen especially in the late months of December and January. So, it is advised to dress warmly along with gloves, scarf, ear warmers, jackets, warmers and all other winter clothes.

Avoid going to the wall on weekends
It is highly advised to not to make a Great Wall of China Tour on a public holiday or on a weekend as you will find a huge rush of people on the wall in these days. 

Select a particular area of the wall
This is a very long wall and unless and until you are planning for an extremely tiring and long Great Wall of China Tour, you can- not even think of visiting the each and every part of this wall. This wall has about 8 bits of which around 7 bits are open to the general public.
Great Wall 


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