Monday, 12 May 2014

Great Wall Tour Beijing: Some tips about the tour

While you will be touring in China, you must have kept Great Wall of China in your travel agenda. It is obviously not possible to move around the entire wall.Therefore it is always good to plan for some specific area of Great wall so that you can safely enjoy this man-made historical wonder and can get the hang of the place.

A great portion of China wall can be enjoyed from Beijing as around the city you will be able to see almost 8 bits of the wall. Out of these eight bits seven bits are accessible for tourists. All these seven bits are well maintained, and they are monitored by local Great China Wall administration Bureau.  

These seven bits are Juyongguan, Mutianyu,Badaling, Jinshanling, Gubeikou, Huanghuacheng, and Sematai. It is not safe to travel at Jiankou bit because it is risky for antisocial activities as well as for hooliganism. However, you can enjoy your Great Wall Tour Beijing, if you know the tips for choosing the right bit for your China Wall excursion.

·         If you want to enjoy a view of the wall from the tourist’s perspective, and you have planned to visit the place on a week day, Juyongguan bit will be your best bet. It is a crowded place but you will be able to enjoy the place safely. 

·         If you have a soft nose for shopping and you want to enjoy local foods as well you should go for Badaling bit for Great Wall China visit.

·         If you want to enjoy beautiful green scenery and soothing ambiance of Great China Wall, you need to select Mutianyu bit: even kids will be delighted to visit the place for great entertainment.
·         If you love outdoor activities and adventure you should go for Shixiagan Great Wall, Huanghuacheng Great Wall, and Gubeikou Great Wall.

·         Tourists having an inclination for thrilling activities in your Great Wall Tour Beijing may target visiting Jiankoubit for visiting the part of Great Wall: however the area is not safe and tourists have to take care of their own safety while hiking.

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