Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Great Wall Tours to China - How to Best Visit the Great Wall

Great Wall tour indeed is an extensive one. Accordingly you have to plan for the tour so that you can enjoy this giant wall ay our best. In order to enjoy the wall you have plan the visit at perfect time, with perfect preparation, and with perfect information in hand you can enjoy optimum the tour arranged. Let’s check how to plan neatly for your Great Wall tours to China.

Best locations

  There are four locations from where visiting this great wall is comparatively easier for the tourists. These are
Badaling, Simatai, Jinshanling, and Mutianyu. Out of these 4 locations Badaling is the most tourists friendly
and the area remains crowded since early morning tom late afternoon specially during summer. Those who wanted to explore the Great Wall with its natural setting Simatai, and Mutianyu will be better options for them. The adventurous souls will get fun and excitement combo in Jinshanling location.

Best season

You can enjoy the best if you could avail the best season for visiting the place. As per CXhina climate summer is dry and hot here while winter season brings extreme dryness and extreme cold, both of these extreme conditions are not favourable for enjoying the Great Wall Tours to China. The spring and autumn are two times in ayear when you should plan your wall tour for enjoying this historic site with best pleasure and comfort. 

 Associated tips for best enjoyment

·         Prefer cotton outfits and comfortable footwear,
·         Eat healthy and drink water adequate in order to stay hydrated,
·         Check weather forecast before making your Great Wall Tours to China
·         Carry Umbrella, sunscreen, and moisturizer for skin safety and sun protection, and rain protection.

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